My ravens are leaving the nest!

I love art, I love painting, drawing, and I love all kind of crafts. This summer I started painting on cups and mugs. If I was not so darn impatient I would probably do a lot more of them 🙂 But, i have been getting a few orders here and there and my first big one is going as I write, straight to Iceland to a dear friend of mine. He wanted six vintage looking coffee cups + plates with royal blue ravens, it came out looking pretty good if I say so myself, and he is very pleased. If the buyer is happy, I´m happy 🙂 I just pray and cross my fingers that they will make it all the way! I have a loving connection to animals, I especially love ravens, owls, arctic animals and horses, all are so beautiful and graceful.

I´m keeping this short today, but here you can see my mugs and the special order, enjoy! X

Until next time,



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